Introducing the new measure of success: Peace of mind

How do you measure success? Higher sales? Double-digit profitability? When we put this question to distributors of Sandvik hydraulic and instrumentation tubing, many summed it up as a feeling of prosperity in their lives. Several told us that by setting higher standards in the industry, Sandvik ensures fewer recalls, less hassle and better business. They could rest easy knowing that we are supporting them. We like to call this The Sandvik Peace of Mind Standard.

For many years, we've been working with the world's leading distributors of stainless tubular products with a single-minded focus: when you are successful, we are too. Whether you carry our tube or pipe, it means we see you as part of our extended family. We measure our success on your success. And guess what? When you are enjoying success, it's easier to have peace of mind.

Demanding customers worldwide

If you are like many of our global distributors, you serve a wide range of demanding industries: oil and gas, petrochemicals, aerospace, nuclear, automotive and more. Such customers demand superior products, a high level of service and responsive support. Downtime is simply unacceptable. How do we know?

Setting higher standards

For years, we've been using our materials expertise to push the boundaries of the flow and transport of hydraulic fluids. Whether solving engineering challenges on an offshore oil platform, nuclear plant or other industry, we strive to set a higher standard on many levels. It's an approach that benefits all parties.

Successful Sandvik distributors

The distributors we team up with have often grown their operations substantially. One used the Sandvik brand name to attract dozens of larger customers. Another was able to dramatically boost sales in just a few years. Along with the world's broadest range of stainless hydraulic and instrumentation tubing, they gain access to deep expertise when they need it. In short, they get peace of mind.

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