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Long experience, integrated production and compliance to various standards, has made Sandvik an important supplier of steam generator tubing to China's ambitious nuclear power program.

The challenge

In coming years, nuclear power is expected to play an important role in satisfying China's rapidly growing demand for electricity. This is why China today has the most ambitious and challenging nuclear power program in the world. Materials used by Chinese engineering companies and fabricators in the construction of nuclear power plants have to be manufactured according to stringent specifications for maximum security and productivity. Preparing for the nuclear power expansion, Chinese customers are busy looking for reliable suppliers of certified, high-quality products such as steam generator tubing.

The Sandvik solution

The first delivery of steam generator tubing to a Chinese customer was made already in 1984. To meet the increased demand for tubing for China, Sandvik has recently invested in increased production capacity. The reason for Chinese customers selecting Sandvik as a supplier is partly previous successful deliveries, but mainly Sandvik's ability to meet even the most advanced technical specifications and Sandvik's position as a leading supplier of steam generator tubing.

Sandvik controls the entire tube production process, which is completely integrated from melting to the finished product. 40 years' experience of manufacturing nuclear steam generator tubing has resulted in a fine-tuned manufacturing process. Sandvik tubes are known for their low background noise levels in eddy current testing. They are also characterized by controlled material properties and dimensional tolerances, making the tubes easy to inspect and to install for the customer.

The result

The Chinese fabricators are now successfully producing steam generators equipped with Sandvik tubes and there are agreements in place for further deliveries.

Sandvik's ability to provide products to nuclear power applications in compliance with the RCCM and ASME codes, as well as to domestic standards offers good flexibility to customers in China, where many new nuclear power plants will be built in accordance with a variety of technical requirements and specifications.

The rapid growth in nuclear power generation in China, as well as globally, has encouraged research and development to improve nuclear power plant efficiency and security. Sandvik research and development is actively participating in international projects for the development of materials for next generation nuclear reactors.

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For more than 40 years Sandvik has delivered products to nuclear power plants worldwide. This has given us extensive experience in the materials field for nuclear power applications.
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