Productivity-boosting tubes for PCI lances and recuperators

High-alloy stainless steel tubes from Sandvik have proven their ability to withstand high temperatures and severe corrosive conditions in ways that enable the steel industries to step up their productivity and profitability. PCI lances and recuperators are typical applications where advanced metallurgy can make a real difference.

Want to cut costs in your process?

Fundamental to the success of high-temperature applications is choosing the right tube material. Sandvik's metallurgy and corrosion experts continue to develop high-temperature materials that increase run times and help to avoid shutting down production for unplanned maintenance and repairs.

Here are a couple of examples on how we have helped our customers to increase productivity and save money.

What would doubled lance tube life do for your blast furnace efficiency?

Doubled lance tube service life with grade Sandvik 253 MA.

What would four times longer tube life do for your recuperator efficiency?

Significant energy savings and increased yield with recuperator tubes in Sandvik 253 MA.

High-temperature stainless steels