Every end has a new beginning

One of Sweden's most popular museum attractions, Vasa, has again been rescued. This time, by a joint team of metallurgical experts from Sandvik and engineers from the Vasa Museum. More than 4,000 steel bolts have been replaced with new bolts made of super-duplex and hyper-duplex stainless steel and a new chapter has been written for Vasa.

Saving the Royal Warship Vasa

Vasa's oak hull was threatened by iron leakage from its steel bolts. See how Sandvik and the Vasa Museum collaborated to replace more than 4,000 bolts with new-generation, duplex stainless steel bolts.

Case story

Preserving this national treasure for future generations meant replacing each one of its more than 4,000 bolts. The question was how could new materials evolution solve antique problems?

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Material specs

Replacement bolts for Vasa are made of a game-changing combination of Sandvik SAF 2507® super duplex and Sandvik SAF 2707 HD™ hyper-duplex steels. These materials also amplify possibilities in the most demanding petrochemical and marine applications and environments.

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Replacing more than 5,000 bolts

Each of the over 5,000 old, rusty bolts on the warship Vasa need to be replaced. The old steel bolts holding the ship together began chemically reacting with the oak hull and a major project was necessary to replace each bolt with a long-lasting solution.