Sandvik Nanoflex™; pioneering Nobel Prize awarded technology

The 2011 Nobel Prize awarded discovery of quasicrystals by Prof. Daniel Schechtman is intrinsically linked to the ground-breaking work Sandvik has carried out in the field of nanotechnology for more than 20 years.

A close collaboration between Philips, the world market leader in electric shaving, and Sandvik specialists led to the development of unique stainless steel based on Prof. Schechtman's original findings, Sandvik Nanoflex™, which in strip form is used for key components in the shavers.

The material is also used in suture needles for eye and cardiovascular surgery, since these needles need to be hard and sharp enough to cut through human tissue, whilst at the same time flexible and malleable enough to take on different shapes.

The work of Prof. Schechtman challenged expectations and managed to alter the way atoms are perceived by the scientific community. Sandvik Nanoflex™ exists because of this determination and everyone at Sandvik would like to congratulate Daniel Schechtman for his contribution to the modern world.

Sandvik Nanoflex

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