Riding the Wave of Subsea’s Growing Confidence

The recent Subsea Tieback forum and exhibition in San Antonio, TX, USA, provided a clear indication that confidence in global deepwater activity is returning - and demand in the subsea supply chain is stable and rising.

A key discussion point at the event and on our booth was the importance of quality umbilical tubing in supporting an increasing number of subsea projects, as well as questions over lead times across the industry as a whole.

In terms of steel tube umbilical tubing, Sandvik’s materials are an enabler for the industry to explore deeper destinations displaying increasingly higher temperatures, pressures and corrosive conditions.

Leading the way

For example, Sandvik SAF 2507®, established as the industry standard grade in deepwater applications, has been specifically designed for highly corrosive conditions and has led the way in the creation of umbilicals with thinner walls, greater strength and better corrosion resistance. Umbilicals made from the material have enabled production from previously inaccessible fields in all regions of the world, and Sandvik is constantly considering the industry’s deepwater evolution as it moves towards 20ksi pressure operations.

Deeper depths

The company supplied tubing for the deepest umbilical in history, in the Gulf of Mexico. For this project, Sandvik produced 398 tonnes, or 321km, of tubing for the umbilical, which was located in a water depth of 3,048m.

Strength in supply

Sandvik has supplied more than 170 million meters of umbilical tubing, including material for the longest umbilical ever, which lies in the North Sea. For this project, Sandvik produced 1,078 tonnes, or 825km, of tubing with the 145km continuous length umbilical.

In addition to this, Sandvik also supplied tubing for the largest field development ever – a gas field in the Middle East. In this instance, the company produced 6,559 tonnes, or 4,669km, of tubing. It has further supplied tubing for some of the highest-pressure field developments in the world, located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Corrosion resistant

As proof of its robustness and reliability, stainless steel, seamless umbilical tubes using Sandvik SAF 2507® were found to be corrosion and fatigue free after 17 years of service in the Asgard Field in the Norwegian Sea. The tubes were tested for corrosion or material degradation and mechanical properties and were in the same condition as when they were produced 19 years earlier.

Sandvik continues to lead the way in the evolution of new products to respond to market requirements, ensuring capacity meets growing lead times and delivers operational benefits at a lower cost to our customers.

Download the Sandvik SAF 2507® datasheet and see how we can solve your umbilical challenges.

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