Talking and learning: Keeping in touch with clients and colleagues in the second year of COVID-19

The Challenge

Keeping in close contact with your colleagues can be difficult under current global pandemic restrictions. Keeping in touch with your clients when you can’t meet them face-to-face can be even harder.

As a way to solve both challenges, we came up with a series of coordinated, global webinars for our range of tubes, including high-temperature (HT) tubes, to bring together all our regions and clients from across the globe.

The solution

The first of our series of webinars for HT tubes, entitled ‘Tube and pipe solutions for high-temperature challenges’, was organized earlier this month through close collaboration between all Tube regions. During the session, we joined with our clients to look at tube and pipe solutions for high-temperature challenges. This included discussions on the most common questions, Sandvik’s HT tube and pipe solutions and main application areas.

With a focus on extending service performance through cost-effective grades, we discussed guidelines and general methods of selecting the most suitable stainless steels for demanding applications with working temperatures higher than 500°C.

We also examined hot corrosion, creep, mechanisms and structure stability, austenitic and micro-alloyed grades and the performance of our ferritic, stainless chromium steel, Sandvik 4C54, in HT applications.

The result

The webinar went very well. The participants were very well engaged, asking questions and interacting with polls during the session. All in all, it was an effective way for us to keep in touch with our customers and to streamline collaboration with our colleagues in all our tube regions around the world.

Our next webinar in the HT series is called ‘Improved production efficiency with material selection for steel making pulverized coal injection lances’. The date has yet to be fixed, but if you leave your email address, we’ll let you know when it’s coming up.

Find out more about our HT range by clicking here.

To access the webinar ‘Tube and pipe solutions for high-temperature challenges’ on-demand, as well as other past and upcoming sessions, click here.

By Alessandra Spaghetti