Sandvik Secures Coiled Tubing Contract for Geothermal Plant

Sandvik has won a contract to supply seamless coiled tubing made from its SAF 2507® super duplex stainless steel to a geothermal plant in Central America.

The contract marks the first use of SAF 2507® for the geothermal industry in Latin America.

SAF 2507® has numerous benefits, including very high resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chloride-bearing environments and high resistance to general corrosion in acids. It also has excellent resistance to erosion corrosion and corrosion fatigue, a high mechanical strength and good weldability.

“With the Latin American geothermal market heating up we expect to see more opportunities to fulfill the growing needs of the region, which still holds enormous, largely untapped, geothermal potential,” said Matthew Castillo, Applications Engineer, Oil and Gas, Sandvik Materials Technology.

“The trend for deeper geothermal wells means increased temperatures, pressures and potentially severe corrosion conditions. These can place greater demands on coiled tubing so it’s important to use higher alloyed corrosion resistant metals that can withstand these challenges, such as SAF 2507®.

“This first application in a geothermal well in Latin America marks a milestone for SAF 2507® but it also has the potential to create opportunities for other Sandvik materials in the region,” he added.

Sandvik is a supporter of the geothermal industry. It is committed to using engineering and innovation for more sustainable business and believes one of the many ways to pursue sustainability is through natural and renewable energy sources, including geothermal energy.

Latin America is recognized as one of the key potential growth regions for the global geothermal industry. The Latin American and Caribbean geothermal market has been estimated at between 55GW and 70GW.

Castillo added: “We see significant opportunities for the Latin American geothermal market and Sandvik is well placed to support its growth. From advising on appropriate materials for their geothermal plants to supporting them in their most critical service conditions and applications, we are here to help find solutions for our customers.

“We have a wide range of alloys, including duplex stainless steels, high alloyed austenitic stainless steels and nickel alloys that are available to assist the geothermal industry. Both in Latin America and across the world.”