Sandvik Advances Partnership with Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals to Manufacture Sanicro® 25

Sandvik and Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals have joined forces to manufacture Sanicro® 25 for high efficiency low emission coal-fired power generation

Building on the strategic partnership set up in 2018, Sandvik has now qualified Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals to manufacture Sanicro® 25, a high alloy, austenitic stainless steel tube, for low emission coal-fired power generation in China.

Under the terms of the agreement and within the qualified size range, Jiuli will be responsible for delivering end-to-end services, from initial customer requests to completed deliveries, certification, and testing, bringing the manufacturing process closer to the end-users as well as increasing access and service level of the material for customers throughout the Asian region.

Sanicro® 25 is the next-generation austenitic stainless steel alloy that has been developed exclusively by Sandvik for application as a high-performance superheater and reheater tube that delivers high efficiency, ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generation. Its creation originated from Sandvik’s desire to solve today’s energy needs while keeping costs down and reducing CO2 emissions.

Sanicro® 25 offers optimal strength at higher temperatures with robust corrosion resistance, making it particularly suitable for high volume power generation. It meets all international approvals, including European Particular Material Appraisal, VdTÜV material data sheet 555, 09.2008, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers and China Pressure Vessel Approval CSCBPV BV-ME-210.

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