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10 kvě 2022 , Feature

Swerim and the SMT division, Kanthal, recently inaugurated their joint investment - an ultra-modern atomizer unit - for research and development of materials and atomizing process.

3 kvě 2022 , Feature

Tracing a used steel shipment from LKAB in Sweden, via a metal recycling site and Sandvik Material Technologies, all the way to a geothermal heating plant in Holland

2 kvě 2022 , Press release

The China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels – Heat Exchange Branch (BPV) has approved the use of the highly corrosion-resistant SAF™ 2707 HD stainless steel in heat exchanger tubing for refinery hydrotreating around the country.

29 dub 2022 , Feature

What should you consider when selecting tubing for your CNG vehicles? Click to read some key points that you should know about.

28 dub 2022 , Feature

Sandvik Materials Technology has acquired the remaining 30% of the US based joint venture Pennsylvania Extruded Tube Company.

27 dub 2022 , Feature

The Annual General Meeting of Sandvik resolved, in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal, to distribute and list SMT on Nasdaq Stockhom August 31, 2022. SMT will be renamed Alleima at the day of listing. Read the press release at

Read more about our journey to become a standalone company.

26 dub 2022 , Feature

We are moving our H&I stock closer to our customers, empowering them to fulfill their productivity and performance expectations.

21 dub 2022 , Press release

Sandvik is adding super alloy Sanicro® 625 bar to its growing family of high-performing nickel-alloys. Read the release to find out more!

19 dub 2022 , Feature

With higher global oil prices, the market for steel tube umbilicals in Brazil is increasing and we’re ready to extend the possibilities of umbilical tubing for the region.

14 dub 2022 , News

An ultrafine wire-based component that can help extract lumps in the breast – enables the early detection of a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of women every year.

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