A multi-million dollar investment demands the cleanest tubes.

The challenge

One of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic pumps needed a supply of clean hydraulic tubing for cylinders and piping. The company's aim was to minimize the risk of contaminating hydraulic fluids in the pump while reducing installation time to a bare minimum.

The Sandvik solution

Sandvik hydraulic tubing is packaged in a manner that protects the interior lining surface from contamination during transportation and storage. Before they are shipped, all of Sandvik's hydraulic tubes routinely undergo a rigorous, proprietary cleansing process to ensure the highest degree of cleanliness.

"An absolute requirement for our tubes is that they come in clean because we don't have the time to clean them," said the customer. "Also, Sandvik supplies 6-­meter (or 20 feet) length tubes as standard, making it easier to stock and plan projects."

Clean hydraulic tubes are especially important on remote sites such as oil platforms, or in the construction of new ships, where engineers need absolute assurance that nothing will compromise their multi-­million dollar project.

The result

When customers receive Sandvik tubes that are pre-­cleaned and packaged to prevent contamination during shipping, they can install them immediately, saving considerable time on inspection and cleaning. Sandvik's 6-­meter fixed-­length tubes are both standard and available worldwide, making it easier for customers to organize their stocks as well as plan and design new projects.

"With the 6-­meter standard length for Sandvik hydraulic tubes, logistics are much easier. We can use one product number instead of many different product numbers for different lengths of tubes," the customer explained.