Case story: Two continents. One last-minute order. Delivered in less than a day.

The challenge

With limited stock capacity and customer orders arriving daily, a global producer of heat tracer tubing bundles needed shipments of hydraulic and instrumentation tubing within 24 hours for its locations on two continents. Their customers often required customized bundles at short notice, and the producer's access to a ready supply of hydraulic and instrumentation tubing was critical to the success of both parties.

The Sandvik solution

Sandvik has established strategically located warehouse and distribution centers in North America and Europe (Houston, Texas and Venlo, the Netherlands), enabling the stainless steel manufacturer to ship hydraulic and instrumentation tubes to the bundle producer's operations in two continents, both within 24 hours.

Keep in mind, if the new stock does not arrive on time due to late deliveries we won't have our tubing and cannot sell our products, says a European representative of the bundle producer.

Heat tracing is used in a variety of applications. For example, in a chemical or refinery plant, the temperature of gas traveling from point A to point B must be maintained for safety and quality purposes. This Sandvik customer specializes in heat tracing bundles that include piping, electrical lines, insulation and sample lines, which are critical for assessing the consistency of composition and temperature.

The result

Due to the strategically located warehouse and distribution centers, Sandvik was able to ship tubing within 24 hours of receiving an order to the bundle producer's plants in both Europe and the US.

Sandvik offers several hundred tube combinations of lengths, grades, delivery forms and wall thicknesses – a range that fulfills most requirements.

Sandvik supplies full documentation with their tubes, a further quality guarantee for both the Sandvik customer and the customer's customer.