Low car temperatures high on the agenda

Did you know that when Sandvik’s materials experts developed Sandvik Hiflex, it was for compressors in automotive air-conditioning that was the initial purpose?

A steel grade with properties that could handle the upcoming CO2 refrigerants was ideal for more energy-efficient engineering solutions. In addition its design opportunities would enable smaller and lighter compressors to fit under the hood. While our premium steel foremost has been given the chance to make a difference in the refrigeration and other AC segments, the opportunity to affect the environment in the car segment is still highly existent.

Are you, for example, aware of that when cars idle in traffic, the AC is responsible for 50% of the fuel consumption? Or that by switching compressor valve steel in a car, the fuel consumption could be reduced? Imagine the savings potential and the step towards a more environmentally friendly vehicle that could then be achieved. We are not the only ones looking at this, but we’ll be ready when more people do.