Low energy consumption - great cooling factor

Giant Chinese compressor manufacturer GMCC knew they faced a design challenge out of the ordinary when they were pressured to meet new energy demands from a rapidly growing residential market for air-conditioners. For valve material, the first choice fell on Sandvik Hiflex. After gearing up in steel, the company then developed smaller, more efficient compressors for residential air-conditioning, significantly improving energy efficiency levels.

The material swap was performed for air-conditioning units developed and manufactured on and for the Chinese market. As the private economy of Chinese households has exploded in recent years, more and more homes are in need of cool interiors. Compressor manufacturers struggle to solve the equation of making sure the increase in numbers of air-conditioners affects energy consumption as little as possible.

Our lab engineers set to work testing the newly developed compressor models using Sandvik Hiflex valves.. And the results that came back confirmed all our expectations. Mission accomplished! With material that enabled a smaller and more advanced compressor, energy-saving was indeed a fact, and on two fronts. Firstly, the operating frequency of the compressor valves went from 120 to 180 Hz – increasing the energy-saving effect by 50%. Thanks to the unique material properties of the steel, this higher frequency was not only reached – but was achieved in a compressor half the size of previous models! A better performance in a smaller shell was right in line with the customer’s hopes and expectations. In summary, the new compressor model had received a higher COP (coefficient of performance) costing the consumer less in electricity while leaving a smaller footprint on the well-being of the planet.

As the assembly lines of only a single compressor manufacturer, producing as many as 45-50 million products per year, are gradually filled with high-performance materials and efficient designs, the difference in energy consumed will be huge.