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Ever growing demands in the aerospace industry for safer, lighter and stronger materials are also opening up exciting new possibilities – for reduced fuel consumption, flawless operation under higher pressures and reduced costs through smarter designs. For more than 50 years, we’ve supported leading engineering companies to develop next-generation civilian and defense aviation, spaceships and satellites. Our philosophy is simple: together, nothing is impossible!

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If it doesn’t exist, let’s invent it

It’s an innovative attitude rooted in a 154-year steelmaking tradition where metallurgical firsts – backed by today’s team of 2,700 R&D experts – has driven the development of premium stainless steel and titanium tubing products, structural components, composites and machining solutions. Our broad range of aerospace tubular products is used by leading OEMs for fuel lines, hydraulic lines, instrumentation systems, pressure gauging and more – in OD 3 to 50.80 mm for stainless (0.118 to 1.968 inches) and OD 6 to 50 mm for titanium (0.236 to 2 inches).

Aerospace tubing

Close to you – in the aerospace hubs

To secure the swift delivery of top-end products, we operate three highly specialized tube mills in key aerospace hubs in Europe and the United States: Sandvik High Precision Tube in Werther, Germany, Sandvik Special Metals in Kennewick, Washington, USA, and Summerill High Precision Tube in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, USA. Our tube mill in Germany is becoming a center of excellence for aerospace while our mill in Washington is a well-known, NADCAP-certified provider of advanced titanium tubing. Additionally, our tube mill in Pennsylvania is an established manufacturer of high precision tubes serving demanding aerospace customers for over 120 years. Key aerospace certifications have either been received or are underway at all mills.

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Fully integrated production of aircraft tubing

From melt to finished tube. Aerospace customers tell us they appreciate Sandvik’s ability to guarantee controlled quality production, batch after batch, thanks to our fully integrated production process. Every tube can be traced back to the original melt from three highly specialized niche mills located near key aerospace hubs in the US and Europe.