downhole challenges? bring them on!

Sulfides. Chlorides. Acidity. Your list of downhole challenges is getting longer and it may also include a mix of sour ingredients at high temperatures. So which is the most suitable corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) to overcome these challenges.

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Two unique alloys for tough challenges

For decades we've worked with the world's most ambitious oil and gas companies to help them tap into new reserves. In addition to our materials expertise we provide advanced downhole casing and production tubing in corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs).

What are the next big challenges in tubing and connections? How will you cope with higher well temperatures, pressures and mechanical loads? What about the impact on the environment as well as threading and galling issues? Together with our strategic partner, Tenaris, we are committed to pioneering the safest, most reliable and efficient ways to set the standard so that you get premium materials and connectors that never let you down.

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