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SANICRO® 825 Bar and Hollow Bar

<div class="intro"><p>IT’S HERE! Sanicro® 825 (Alloy 825) is our first-ever nickel-iron-chromium alloy in both bar and hollow bar for tough acidic and seawater conditions. With a nickel content of >40%, it offers a cost-efficient alternative to superalloys like Alloys

Material datasheet form

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Developing materials for tomorrow’s compressors

Improved compressor technology plays a big part in the development of more energy-efficient refrigerators, air-conditioning units, brake systems and other products. Key components in the development are the compressor valves, where material and design go hand in hand. Call us fridge

Shaping the refrigerator of tomorrow

In the future, fridges will be radically different from what they are today. They’ll be smarter and will play a bigger role in consumers’ lives thanks to the Internet of Things. But what about their design and underlying technology – will there be changes to that as well? Sandvik spoke to

The history of the refrigerator

From ancient ice houses to today’s Internet-connected fridges – take a tour through the history and development of the refrigerator. Call us fridge


Hello TIM, what’s available for breakfast? A new era is here. The TIM© Fridge is a tree-inspired, modular refrigerator that can interact and look after you. Based on the latest robotics technology and unique energy-efficient refrigeration methods, it can be assembled to suit both your home

Eleven years old, with a passion to win

Have you seen Sandvik’s “ Challenging Tomas ” video series? The first and second videos feature Judith Tibblin, a curious eleven-year-old girl who loves a challenge. Her mother/track and field coach confirms that she has a tendency to test everything new that comes along and continues with the

Meet research engineer Tomas Forsman

Innovation flourishes at the cutting point between customer know-how and Sandvik materials expertise If you have seen Sandvik’s “ Challenging Tomas ” film series, you have already met Tomas Forsman. Tomas is one of Sandvik’s experienced researchers specializing in precision strip steel. While

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