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Sandvik Advances Partnership with Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals to Manufacture Sanicro® 25

Sandvik and Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals have joined forces to manufacture Sanicro® 25 for high efficiency low emission coal-fired power generation

Choosing the right material for control lines in HP/HT applications

Because no two wells are the same, it’s important to select materials that are fit for their intended purpose. Read on to learn how our experts help you select materials with the correct chemical composition to meet your needs.

Sandvik's Material Experts: Meet the Team – Sune Åredal

Meet the team behind the Sandvik Tube division. In our new series, we’ll introduce the faces behind this team and hear their insights on the tubing industry.

Sandvik’s Nuclear Core: Meet the Team – Brian Irving

Meet the core of Sandvik’s nuclear division–our team. In our Nuclear Core series, we’ll introduce the faces behind this team and hear their insights on the nuclear industry: Brian Irving.

Sandvik Honors Double Milestone with American Chestnut Tree Planting

Sandvik Materials Technology, a business area of Sandvik, a developer and producer of advanced stainless steels, special alloys, titanium, and other high-performance materials, has celebrated a double anniversary by holding an American chestnut tree planting ceremony at its facilities in

New production site in Tucson, Arizona

After months of preparations, our new Production Supervisor, Annie Witte, and her team are up and running Sandvik Materials Technology's medical wire second manufacturing location in Tucson, Arizona. It's close to the airport and easy for customers to visit.

Niched materials technology sets sights on listing

An exciting journey is taking place at Sandvik Materials Technology toward a planned listing.

Mill Update: Keeping our Chomutov Move on Course

We’re delighted and extremely proud that, despite the challenges and changes that have been faced due to the pandemic, the transition to Chomutov has carried on according to plan.

Sandvik Secures Coiled Tubing Contract for Geothermal Plant

Sandvik has won a contract to supply seamless coiled tubing made from its SAF 2507 ® super duplex stainless steel to a geothermal plant in Central America.

100 years of stainless steel manufacturing

This year in April, it is exactly one hundred years since stainless steel was manufactured for the first time at Sandvik. After the first melting in April 1921, Sandvik started regular tube production, followed by wire and strip. The volumes were low in the beginning but subsequently increased

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