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Innovators of medical wire awarded Wilhelm Haglund medal

The development of Exera® medical wire led to the award of the “Wilhelm Haglund Medal to the Product Developer of the Year” in 2021 to Gary Davies, Tim Tacionis, and Gene Kleinschmit from business unit Medical

Extend your possibilities with Sanicro® 825

Sanicro ® 825 (UNS NO8825) extends our growing Sanicro ® portfolio of nickel alloys and austenitic stainless steels for aggressive wet, corrosive and high-temperature, pressure, acidic and seawater conditions.

Learning through webinars: What you need to know about welding duplex stainless steels

Duplex Stainless Steels are becoming more popular due to their great level of design and corrosion resistance benefit they have to offer while maintaining low project costs. Welding these materials can be a challenge, but it does not have to be.

Going virtual – a fresh perspective to traditional exhibitions

While we all accept that face-to-face is preferable, read more to find out how we used digital means to forge connections with existing and new contacts.

Talking and learning: Keeping in touch with clients and colleagues in the second year of COVID-19

We came up with a series of coordinated, global webinars for our range of tubes, including high-temperature tubes, to bring together all our regions and clients across the globe.

What does the future look like for Nitrogen and Syngas?

The virtual Nitrogen + Syngas USA 2021 event held earlier this year was a great opportunity to learn from, and connect with, major producers and licensors in North America. It also provided valuable insights on a range of topics including current challenges in the market, new technologies,

How do machinability-improved stainless steels cut costs and increase production?

Vinicius Martins outlines the seven key points to consider when selecting the correct stainless steel for your machined parts to help reduce costs and increase production.

Official launch of Skills Training Program for women in underserved communities of urban India

Sandvik Materials Technology in India has initiated a new Skills Training Program for women in underserved urban communities. The program will officially launch on International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2021 and is aimed at equipping women to set up home based business and achieve

A renewable future need material innovation

Tom Eriksson, Vice President of Strategic Research at Sandvik Materials Technology, about the need of material innovation: “For each renewable technology to progress, it will also need the continued development of advanced materials that will help us build a greener future.”

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