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History specials

Episode 1. Göransson and Bessemer Read summary Episode 2. A new factory and a new town Read summary Episode 3. Bankruptcy and beyond Read summary Ep1 iframe Göran Fredrik Göransson, born in Gävle in 1819, joins Elfstrand’s, the trading firm his father manages and eventually becomes

03. Bankruptcy and beyond

Bankruptcy and beyond Fredrik had perfected the Bessemer process and built both a new factory in Sandviken and a functioning municipality which included a school for worker’s children. But huge loans and too little income in the end proved too much for the new company and both Högbo Iron and

02. A new factory and a new town

A new factory and a new town The year was 1858 and Fredrik Göransson struggled to build a new company and experimented with the Bessemer process. By July he had succeeded in stabilizing the process and took off for Hamburg with samples, thereafter to London to once again meet with Sir

01. Göransson and Bessemer

Göransson and Bessemer Göran Fredrik Göransson (called Fredrik by his family), founder of Sandvik in 1862, was born in the town of Gävle on the coast of the Baltic Sea, in 1819. The Göransson family was quite prominent in Gävle as Fredrik’s father was the manager of

Renewable Energy

From the few examples mentioned in this column, new methods of generating electricity will also require new materials solutions to deal with the environments they will work in.


Special: ASTM Award of Merit goes to Keith Hottle Special: Renewable energy Read the article Spc Kieth Hottle iframe Spc Renewable energy iframe

03. The role of chromium in duplex stainless steels

Designing a steel that is stainless was considered impossible in the beginning of the 1900’s. A renowned German chemist, G Mars, maintained the opinion that creating a stainless steel is impossible because iron is not a noble metal and its oxides are thermodynamically more stable than

03. Duplex stainless steels- an interplay between ferrite and austenite

Number three in a series of eight columns throughout 2017 on the topic of the seven families of stainless steels; their characteristics, complementary properties and the wide variety of applications from the smallest of items destined for the human body to large scale constructions in the

04. Medical applications of stainless alloys

Owing to the unique combination of properties of stainless alloys they are indispensable in modern medicine. The required materials properties include good corrosions resistance in body fluids, biocompatibility, good strength to-weight ratio, fatigue resistance and a low magnetic

02. The role of nitrogen in duplex stainless steels

Some nitrogen has been present in steel as long as steel-making has taken place. This has been unintentional and, in practice, there have been no means of removing or controlling the nitrogen concentration. It was not until the advent of modern process metallurgical techniques such as AOD, VOD

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