Life in the "normal" lane

Life can often be taken for granted. It's not until you get sick or injured that you realize how much you can miss having a normal life. Not being able to do all the things you used to do. The things that your friends do every day.

At our production facility in Palm Coast, Florida, Sandvik makes EXERA® wire-based components used for medical devices that are in many cases life-saving, but most of all life-changing. For example, those related to diabetes, heart conditions and hearing loss. Devices that can return you to an almost normal life, or as one user put it - a new normal life.

We have met four people and each has a medical device that gave them a new normal life. We want to tell you their stories. About how joy was brought back into their lives.

To hop, jump and sweat at the gym, what could be better for a 12-year-old gymnast? This is the story of Amanda, a 12-year-old from Sweden who was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 at the age of 4.

With origin in Finland, but living in Sweden, Minna is enjoying life NOW. Able to swim and even taking dancing classes with her husband, thanks to a reliable pacemaker!

Katina lives in Orlando, Florida, USA and has what is called "late adult-onset type 1" diabetes. Meaning she got it as an adult.

Katherine is based in Palm Coast, Florida, USA but is originally from the deep south in Georgia. She now has a cochlear implant but before this device was installed, she was almost completely deaf.