Sanicro® 35 bridging the gaps to new opportunities

Good news! We’ve won the materials design category in the Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards 2021 for our recently developed super-austenitic stainless steel alloy, Sanicro® 35 (Alloy 35Mo), which’s easy to fabricate and bridges many of the material property gaps between stainless steels and costly nickel alloys. Watch the film to see how it could benefit you.

Sanicro® 35 – a member of the Sanicro family

Sanicro is the trademark name for our family of high-alloy, multi-purpose stainless steels. As a member, Sanicro® 35 (Alloy 35Mo) is a structurally stable, PRE 52 super-austenitic alloy that offers extreme pitting resistance and outperforms conventional 6Mo grades, with only moderate nickel content.

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The best of both worlds

Why either-or? Why not both? Sanicro® 35 is about removing compromises. Designed for service in aggressive corrosive environments, the material bridges the gaps between standard duplex or austenitic grades and nickel alloys. It received a major industry award for its exceptionally high performance on strength and corrosion over a wide range of service conditions.


Bridging the unmet metallurgical need

At Sandvik, we strive to advance the science of metallurgy for the benefit of our clients. New nickel alloys for extreme conditions; duplexes for strength and weight-savings, and new austenitic grades. But as the graph above shows, there are still some gaps. Can you spot them too?

Why take risks with a lesser grade?

The trick is finding just the right material for your application, with an attractive price-performance ratio. At elevated temperatures, for example, you don’t want to over-compensate with a costly nickel alloy when there’s a smarter choice for risk-reduction. And why take risks with a lesser grade that may be insufficient for seawater? Sanicro® 35 bridges these gaps.


Ease of fabrication

When it comes to welding, Sanicro® 35 requires no pre-heating or post-weld heat treatment. Thanks to its high structural stability, it is not prone to intermetallic phases occurring under heat. The excellent formability of the grade permits cold bending to tight bending radii. Cutting, turning, drilling, and milling are also easier than with a tough nickel alloy tube.


All you need is one

For hydraulic and instrumentation distributors sitting on big inventories of specialized tube grades, Sanicro® 35 can replace many grades and free tied-up capital. This is largely due to its versatility, stability and ease of handling in securing leak-free fittings. Grades it can replace include e.g. 6Mo alloys, Alloy 825, and Alloy 625.


A smarter choice for heat exchangers

When it comes to heat exchangers, Sanicro® 35 offers a smarter choice than other austenitic or super-austenitic steel grades and nickel alloys. The price performance ratio is excellent, and due to its structural properties it can balance out performance fluctuations, minimizing risks and extending the lifecycle when battling corrosion.

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