Heat exchanger materials for hydroprocessing plants

Hydroprocessing, i.e. hydrotreating and hydrocracking, are standard techniques when converting either sulphur and nitrogen containing, or heavy, hydrocarbons into more valuable products.

However, the resulting inorganic sulphur and nitrogen compounds and dissolved chlorides can lead to formation of solid salt deposits and corrosion. Especially in biorefinery applications this often leads to the use of nickel base alloys. In this webinar, different material options and solutions will be discussed to combat corrosion in hydroprocessing heat exchangers.


Join us to learn more about:

  • Hydroprocessing plants
  • Corrosion issues in heat exchangers
  • Material solutions for heat exchangers


Jonas Höwing, Technical Marketing Specialist, EMEA

Date and time

Recorded December 13
Presented by Sales Region EMEA