Sandvik DC Venlo upgrades stock of Resistance and Thermocouple products for significantly reduced lead times

Sandvik DC Venlo BV stocks in the region of 5,500 products with resistance wire and thermocouple products now added alongside hollow bar, tubes & pipes and coiled tubes.

Sandvik’s Distribution Center Venlo (DC Venlo) in the Netherlands has undergone a major refurbishment and upgrade project while also introducing new product lines and initiatives to advance its service provision for customers. This includes reductions in international lead times by weeks.

An inauguration ceremony was held at the center to finalize the project which has seen the moving of Kanthal® resistance , thermocouple and Copper Nickel products to DC Venlo thereby launching the additions of resistance wire and thermocouple materials to the facility's service offering.

This will result in increased service through shorter lead times for customers and the products will now be more readily and easily available to customers across Europe, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, China and India, to name but a few.

Edward Kastreva, Global Product Manager – Resistance and Spring Products for Sandvik, said: "We anticipate that these improved facilities and additional products will result in a reduction in lead times of as much as two days for Europe, and up to a week to the Asia-Pacific region and India.

"In addition, our stock management and turnaround will be much more efficient and faster than ever before which is in support of our strategy and growth plans."

Originally opened in 2004 in the city of Venlo, southeastern Netherlands, the 13,500 m2 distribution center is managed by a dedicated division within Sandvik which specializes in sourcing and logistics, warehousing and distribution of products for customers.

Edward Kastreva added: "Following feedback from our customers and in line with our commitment to providing a wide and comprehensive service offering, among the improvements we have made at DC Venlo is to the stock management process. The inventory is managed based upon the requirements of the industry."

Customers benefit from DC Venlo's efficient logistic setup and reduced lead times when ordering resistance wire. Kanthal resistance wire is supplied with bright annealed or oxidized surface depending on size and is available with insulation or coating. The Kanthal brand is characterized by consistent resistivity from delivery to delivery, facilitating trouble-free production.

"Supplying the EMEA and Asian markets with Thermocouple products stocked in central Europe has a positive, significant impact for our customers needs, with lead time reductions of weeks in a market where customers and end users demand and require short deliveries," said Sharon Dunn, Global Product Manager for Electronic Materials.

Sandvik's product offering for thermocouples includes standard, special and sheathing grades of wire (round and flat) and strip for use at temperatures up to 1260°C (2300°F) alongside extension leads/extension cables, compensating cables, stranded wire and protection tubes. Kanthal thermocouple wire is supplied with bright or oxidized surface according to standard or special EMF requirements.

Sandvik DC Venlo BV stocks in the region of 5,500 products. This includes an extensive range for mining and rock technology customers such as bits, rods and manganese products. Other products include hollow bar, tubes & pipes, coiled tubes, wire products, wire & heating technology and solid bar. Also stocked are fittings & flanges and tubes & pipes from outside suppliers for Santrade™.