Sandvik’s Nuclear Core: Meet the Team – Johanna Isaksson

Meet the core of Sandvik’s nuclear division–our team. In our new Nuclear Core series, we’ll introduce the faces behind this team and hear their insights on the nuclear industry.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I’ve lived in Sandviken, where the headquarters of Sandvik Materials Technology is located, my whole life. I attended the Sandvik School where I took production technology classes and started inspecting nuclear tubes; that’s when I first became interested in the nuclear industry. That was 14 years ago and I’ve been with Sandvik ever since. I’ve worked in different areas of Sandvik, but I’ve always worked with products for nuclear applications. I’ve been in my current role as a customer project manager for nuclear tube and pipe for a year and a half.

2. What is your role like as a customer project manager?

As a customer project manager, I’m the link between the production units and the sales and marketing team. My main focus is on the quality assurance from initial sales orders through the delivery of the product. There are many requirements for the manufacturing of nuclear products, so my day-to-day work consists of tracking the quality assurance of the manufacturing and testing, and collecting the appropriate documentation. With all these requirements comes multiple inspection points throughout the manufacturing process. I work closely with our customers and our production units to facilitate frequent inspections from customer representatives or third-party inspectors. I walk them through the facility to help them understand our manufacturing process and to review all the required documents.

3. Can you tell us about the nuclear production process?

The nuclear industry has a lot of specifications and codes to consider, but I think that’s what makes it so interesting. From the specifications to the procedures to the quality assurance, everything is very controlled. Depending on the size of the order, the entire process could take anywhere from a few months to years. Compiling documents is also a big part of the process. In the end when we deliver an order, we ensure the customer has all the necessary records and an updated quality plan.

4. What is nuclear safety culture?

An important part of manufacturing tubes for nuclear applications is the nuclear safety culture. It’s not just about wearing safety shoes, it’s a way of working. It´s about the core values and behaviors from everyone to ensure the quality of the products we deliver, and having an open mindset about working with the customer to meet their requirements. At Sandvik, nuclear safety culture was being implemented before it even had an industry term. We have been operating with that open mindset and customer trust since the beginning.

5. What is the benefit of using Sandvik nuclear products?

I think it’s simply that we are good at materials technology and that we have an implemented nuclear safety culture. We know where our tubes are going, and the importance of doing it right the first time with consistency. Sandvik is especially dependable because we have our in-house production process. When you choose Sandvik, it’s all made from Sandvik material and then we track exactly what happens during the order from melt to finished tube. This provides our customers with peace of mind in an industry where there is no room for uncertainty.

6. What is next for the nuclear industry?

The nuclear industry is quite conservative, but there are several interesting projects ongoing. Depending on the country, there are goals in place to have neutral carbon emission in the next 10-15 years and it will be interesting to see how that progresses in the coming years, and how big a part nuclear power will play in this.

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Johanna Isaksson
Customer Project Manager
Business Unit:
Sandviken, Sweden