How Fully Traceable Nuclear Tubing Improves Your Operations

Full traceability verifies where products come from and how they’re manufactured. Sandvik’s products have been fully traceable even before the inception of the nuclear industry more than 60 years ago. Implemented in more than 100 reactors worldwide, every Sandvik tube can be traced back to the original melt.

There are plenty of benefits to a fully traceable product in any industry, but even more so for a demanding industry like nuclear. From improved safety to verified history, below are five benefits of fully traceable nuclear products.

Improved safety

In the nuclear industry, safety is without a doubt the number one priority. Full traceability of a product eliminates uncertainty because you can be confident about where the product came from and that all requirements during manufacturing have been fulfilled. The more you know about the products you purchase, the safer your operations will be.

Superior quality control

Manufactured in our fully dedicated state-of-the-art Steam Generator tube mill in Sweden, our integrated manufacturing process traces each step from melt to the finished product. By tracing the product through each step of the manufacturing process under the same roof, it offers a leading supply chain overview and superior quality control.

Full control of properties

To manufacture nuclear products, we use our own recycled materials and virgin alloys for the melt. This process ensures full control of the traceable properties that go into each grade. Recycling the materials also offers an environmental benefit, so you are choosing a more sustainable tube from the outset.

Verified manufacturing history

After production, each individual tube is marked with a unique number. With this unique number, we can track which lot of bars was used for extrusion, which ingots were melted, the temperature at which it was melted, and much more. At Sandvik, we don’t need to rely on other suppliers, we maintain ownership of the full process from start to finish at our mill.

Peace of mind

When you choose nuclear tubes from Sandvik, you can trust that each product was created, traced, and verified by our experts and processes. You can have peace of mind that your products were in the hands of Sandvik and Sandvik only.

In nuclear, traceability equals trustworthy–and our products have more than 60 years of both.

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By Peter Waller
Senior Technical Sales - Nuclear Power