Fortschrittlicher Edelstahl und Speziallegierungen

The butterfly effect

We have used an analogy to show how a compressor valve, weighing not much more than a butterfly, can have an effect far greater than its small size and weight.

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Life in the "normal" lane

Meet Katina and three other people whose lives, thanks to the use of different medical devices, have been changed.

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Sandvik solutions in a container

Sandvik has developed a mobile container that goes where customers go, reducing waste, increasing safety and bringing both time and cost savings along for the ride.

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Schmiedeknüppel, wiederausgewalzte Knüppeln, Strangpressbolzen und Stranggussblöcke.

Produkte aus Legierungen mit abgestimmter Ausdehnung.

Ofenprodukte, thermale Verarbeitungsausrüstung und Heizsysteme.

Produkte in verschiedenen endkonturnahen Formen, hergestellt durch heißisostatisches Pressen auf Pulvermetallurgiebasis.

Platten und Bleche aus Speziallegierungen.


Tube and pipe in seamless and welded condition, fittings and flanges.

Fine medical wire and fine wire

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