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19 Jan 2021 , Sonderbeitrag

Johnnie Nguyen is here to help you find your optimal solution. Material selection for a system as demanding as HT air preheaters can be daunting, but it does not have to be. Read Johnnie's blog to find out more and contact her with your questions.

11 Jan 2021 , Sonderbeitrag

For many companies working in the supply chain, the recent period has been a tough one and some have, regrettably, fallen by the wayside. But the key to survival is in adapting to market conditions.

15 Dez 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Jennifer discusses how refineries are taking a new approach to a variety of feedstock–from sweet to sour crude–that exposes their process equipment to harsher environments due to increased demand for cleaner fuels. Read on to learn more about material selection for high-temperature corrosion.

11 Dez 2020 , News

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) is boosting its expertise and knowledge base with the addition of 42 new Fellows, including seven International Fellows. One of these Fellows is Eva Lindh-Ulmgren, Director of Materials Design at Sandvik Materials Technology.

9 Dez 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Steel is all around us and we use it every day. But do you ever think about where it comes from, what’s in it, or how it was made? The Smart Steel project, combining the knowledge and expertise of Sandvik and SSAB, was started to develop a fingerprint method to provide exactly this sort of information.

27 Nov 2020 , News

Keith Hottle, director of quality and metallurgy for Sandvik Materials Technology has once again been presented with an award by ASTM International’s nonferrous and alloys committee, the Gary M. Kralik Distinguished Service Award.

29 Okt 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Meet the core of Sandvik’s nuclear division–our team. In our new Nuclear Core series, we’ll introduce the faces behind this team and hear their insights on the nuclear industry: Jerry Dougherty.

28 Okt 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

Sanicro® 35 is a new super-austenitic stainless steel alloy that bridges the property gaps between stainless steels and costly nickel alloys. But it’s bridging more than just material property gaps; it’s also a bridge to new opportunities.

15 Okt 2020 , News

Thanks to the use of a more energy-efficient lime in our steel mill in Sandviken, Sandvik has achieved an indirect reduction of 5,800 tonnes CO2 emissions per year.

13 Okt 2020 , Sonderbeitrag

At Sandvik, ultra-fine wire - thinner than a human hair - is manufactured. This is used in medical technology components that both save and improve people's lives - and contribute to more efficient healthcare.

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