Material condition

Estimating the lifetime of your existing equipment is a cost-efficient way of ensuring that your operations run safely. It can also help you to mitigate technical risks when exposing your equipment with new media.

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Equipment failures can be both costly and hazardous. Therefore, a material condition assessment is a cost-efficient way to ensure that your operations run safely. We are flexible when it comes to material support. It all depends on your specific situation:

Second opinion to a suggested solution

  • You might already have a good solution to your problem, but want to discuss it with a material expert. Or, you are investing in new equipment need a second opinion on what material or design to use to best balance cost and productivity.

Avoid sudden breakages

  • Standstills are expensive. When they occur, you probably need help immediately. In other cases, you might have detected a corrosion attack, crack or any other potential problem before the breakage occur and need to know

Way of working

Contact us with a short description of your situation. We will contact you within short with a description of how to proceed. It might include a visit at your site, a sample from your equipment, or just a description of what material you use. You will then receive a technical report that can be used as decision support.

If a component has failed, we can also analyze the root cause for the breakage and give you a better understanding on the cause of the failure and how to avoid more breakages.