Materials verification

Do you need a quick verification of a stainless steel chemical composition or delivery condition, but lack the competence or the equipment to perform it? We are at your service. We have several labs with extensive equipment and capability to investigate and verify all kinds of stainless steels and high-alloyed materials.

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Some questions that we can help you answering are:

  • Comparison of the chemical composition of a material sample to a specification or standard.
  • Metallographic investigation of a specific material sample to check for example presence of intermetallic phases or slag inclusions.
  • Metallographic investigation of a specific material sample to establish delivery condition, heat treated or not heat treated?
  • A quick surface analysis of a sample using light optical microscope or scanning electron microscope in order to look for defects.

Way of working

  1. Send us an email with your requirements
  2. We revert with a confirmation, quote and information on where to send your material sample
  3. A Sandvik material expert will perform the agreed verification
  4. You receive a standard verification document including results and findings, in an email
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