Base materials for Sandvik Santronic™ pre-coated strip steel

Sandvik Santronic mainly uses ASTM 301-type stainless steel as standard, however other grades such as ASTM 430 may be available on request. A wide range of versions and dimensions are available.

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The most common base materials

Substrate Chemical composition* Description
Sandvik 15R10
(ASTM 301)
0.10 C, 17 Cr, 7 Ni Standard stainless spring steel for general spring applications
Sandvik 11R51 0.09C, 16.5 Cr,
7.5 Ni, 0.7 Mo
Improved 301-type spring material alloyed with molybdenum. Superior stainless spring steel with higher tensile and fatigue strength for high performance springs

* Nominal