Sandvik Santronic™ pre-coated strip steel vs. electroplated coatings

The table shows the advantages of using Sandvik Santronic™ pre-coated strip compared to electrochemical coatings.

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Sandvik Santronic™ Electroplated coatings
  • Excellent stamping and forming properties
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Narrow tolerances
  • Very good coverage of thin coatings
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • No waste water
  • High purity of coatings
  • Even thickness, no thickness deviation at edges
  • Single-sided coating standard
  • Duplex coating standard
  • Limited stamping and forming properties
  • Flaking can be a problem
  • Coarse tolerances, typically +/– 50%
  • Thicker coatings needed to achieve full coverage
  • Aggressive and poisonous chemicals used in production
  • Chemicals from baths often incorporated in coatings
  • Material build-up at edges (dog bone effect)
  • Single-sided only with masking
  • Duplex coatings need complex masking procedure

Sandvik Santronic™ pre-coated strip can be stamped and formed in the same way as the base materials, and should also be handled likewise.