Metal powder alloys

Sandvik's range of Osprey™ gas atomized metal powder is the widest in the world. With a product database containing well over 1000 different alloy variations, Sandvik typically has over 400 different metal powder alloys in stock at any one time.

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Our nitrogen and argon atomizing facilities allow us to cover an extensive range of different alloys including:

Superalloys for additive manufacturing and HIP

Our range of nickel-based superalloys has been extended by the addition of powders with extremely low levels of Oxygen and Nitrogen, making them especially suited for additive manufacturing and HIP (hot-isostatic pressing). These low levels are achieved through the use of vacuum melting as part of the gas atomization process.
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Stainless steels

Other alloys

The pages listed above contain details of our more popular products, however our full product range is much more extensive. Contact us if you are interested in an alloy that is not included in these pages.

Sandvik has over 35 years experience developing gas atomizing technology and has a philosophy of continuous improvement and close collaboration with customers.