Fuel cell materials

Sandvik develops advanced stainless steels and special alloys for the most demanding industries and applications. The energy sector is particularly important for us and our material development is carried out in close cooperation with customers.

Sandvik has, for many years, invested in research and development of materials for fuel cells and we have a unique, large-scale plant that is fully prepared for fuel cell technology to take off. Sandvik is currently collaborating with a number of global players in developing the optimal interconnect solution for various applications. With the positive impact fuel cells can make, we're proud to work side by side with our partners — tailor-making solutions for the coated steel plates at the heart of these innovations.

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  • Sandvik has for several years invested in fuel cell materials research and development
  • Today we have a unique, large-scale production facility in Sandviken, Sweden, and are ready for fuel cell technology to take off
  • Our product is a coated strip steel which is ready to be pressed into plates Eliminating the costly need for the coating of individual plates
  • The plates are gathered in so-called fuel cell stacks, to gain a higher voltage
  • Sandvik's extensive materials knowledge in alloys, strip steel and coating is vital competence in the manufacture of the plates
  • Fuel cell technology is today used in products already available on the market, such as portable chargers for smartphones and laptops

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