Frequently asked questions about Sandvik Santronic™ pre-coated strip

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Sandvik Santronic pre-coated strip steel.

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  • What type of applications is Sandvik Santronic pre-coated strip suited for?

    Sandvik Santronic™ pre-coated strip is especially suited for electric-load carrying strip applications where the mechanical strength of steel and the beneficial properties of surface technology conductive coatings are combined and utilized in an optimal way. This is, for example, true for applications such as tactile domes, contact springs and various EMC shielding components (fingerstocks).

  • What strip dimensions can be supplied?

    Strip thickness range is 0.05-0.8 mm (0.00197-0.0315 in.), depending somewhat on the steel grade. Width range can be supplied up to 800 mm (31.5 in.).

  • What coating materials are available?

    Standard coating materials are nickel (Ni) and tin (Sn).

  • What properties can be enhanced?

    With appropriate choice surface coating, properties such as corrosion resistance, surface conductivity, weldability and wear resistance can be enhanced.

  • What are the coating limitations of Sandvik Santronic pre-coated strip?

    Thicker coatings than 2 µm are difficult to achieve.

  • What is the dog-bone effect?

    The dog-bone effect (edge build-up) refers to an electrochemical phenomenon that results in higher current densities on the edges of a substrate than in the middle. This creates a coating profile, which is thicker on the edges than in the middle (dog-bone shape).