Wraptor ductility testing unit

Sandvik's Wraptor ductility testing unit enables more accurate prediction of the retirement point of a slickline. This can lead to considerable cost savings through the reduced risk of unplanned production stops and the loss of valuable production equipment.

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Consistent testing

Wrapping a line around its own diameter exerts extreme pressure on the outer fiber of the slickline. Reduced ductility is immediately apparent. With Wraptor ductility testing units, tests can be performed in a consistent way over and over again, resulting in more accurate predictions.

Up to 1 meter (3 feet) 0.125 in. line and even longer sections of 0.108 in. line can be tested. The surface area which can then be examined will be up to 100 times greater than the alternative method of simply knotting the line or manually wrapping. Knowledge of the true condition of the wire will therefore be greatly increased and the risk of lowering a brittle line into a well will be drastically reduced.

Performs both wrap testing and torsion testing

The ductility testing unit will perform both wrap tests and torsion tests on slicklines in the field. Wrap testing is the recommended method for testing ductility in stainless and nickel alloy wirelines. Torsion testing is recommended for testing ductility in carbon steel wirelines.
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Technical data for Wraptor

Wraptor instruction film

In this film we guide you through both the wrap test, for ductility testing stainless steel and nickel alloy slicklines, and the torsion test, for testing carbon steel (plow steel) slicklines.