PED and AD 2000 W0 certificates

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) is mandatory for new pressure equipment and boilers in Europe since 2002. The following CEN-standards regulate the PED:

  • EN 13445 1-9 'Unfired pressure vessels'
  • EN 13480 1-6 'Metallic industrial piping'
  • EN 12952 1-16 Water-tube boilers
  • EN 12953 1-11 Shell boilers

These standards, together with the PED, form the European Pressure Vessel Code. Harmonized standards are presented in the Official Journal (see under 'Directive 2014/68/EU' or 'Standards').

The 'European Pressure Vessel Code' regulates the finished pressure equipment like pressure vessels, heat-exchangers, piping systems and different types boilers made by customer.

The above standards are supported by harmonized material standards.