Join the IT Team

IT is one of the areas where we are hiring for several positions.
See below to read why some of our new colleagues chose to join the SMT journey.

Robert Wennberg

Head of Digital Security & Compliance

What’s been the most fun since joining SMT?
Both all opportunities and the team exceeded my high expectations. It’s been challenging, exciting and welcoming so far.

Why did you choose to join the journey?
The opportunity to join such a large greenfield which enables IT to be really close to the business and fulfilling their requirements in a modern effecient way, while also meeting the requirements of society.

Kristina Solander

HR Process System Specialist

Why did you choose to join the journey?
SMT has an exciting future. I consider this a great opportunity to be part of the preparations towards becoming a stand-alone company with the aim to become listed on the stock exchange This is a rare situation so I was eager to join the mission.

Torbjörn Bäckström

Head of Group IT Applications

What’s been the most fun since joining SMT?
The most fun part is how we are in the process of separating ourselves from Sandvik. We are creating everything needed to become a world leading company with materials technology. Being involved in the separation project itself is also very interesting. I feel I’m learning more in a month than what I would have in six months when it’s business as usual.

Why did you choose to join the journey?
One big reason was the mentioned separation-project. To be part of such a mission; building the foundation for a global company, having influence in how we set things up and cooperating with others is that great combination of interesting and challenging that I truly enjoy.

In case you too are interested in joining our journey to become a stand alone company see all available jobs.