R&D and innovation

Sandvik Materials Technology has a long tradition in innovation backed up by significant R&D investments. Our R&D centers have industry-leading track records in the successful commercialization of new products and materials.

In our commitment to the needs of our customers, we systematically collect data about new and growing challenges facing them. Our engineers and specialists work closely with customers to jointly discover ways of addressing these challenges with new or modified products.

To achieve these goals, Sandvik uses its R&D resources in a highly focused way. Our capabilities include, for example, facilities and/or test units for:

  • Exploring the microstructure of materials
  • Analyzing mechanical and physical properties
  • Computational modelling for optimizing the manufacturing processes
  • Electric heating elements up to 800 kW and for gas heating up to 1 MW power
  • Full-scale production trials and testing

Sandvik engineers have the right combination of academic qualifications and hands-on experience and enjoy a very active exchange program with leading research centers and universities worldwide.

Some of our latest developments

SAF 2707 HD™ hyper-duplex stainless steel

A hyper-duplex material developed for critical applications in oil refineries and other process industries. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, SAF 2707 HD™ is consistently outperforming most other materials in severe chloride containing environments, such as seawater-cooled heat exchangers.
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Sanergy® HT pre-coated strip steel

A pre-coated precision strip material intended for use in high-temperature fuel cells or solid oxide fuel cells. Sanergy® HT pre-coated strip combines high electrical conductivity with high corrosion resistance, contributing to longer fuel cell life.
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Sanicro® 25 high-alloy austenitic stainless steel

A material engineered the next generation of coal-fired power boilers. Sanicro® 25 is ideal for reheater and superheater tubes, and will contribute to significantly greater efficiency and sharply lower CO2 emissions.
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