Renewable energy

The demand for renewable energy is growing fast and the share of global power generation is expected to grow substantially. The gradual shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources will require the development of new technologies and solutions for energy production as well as for system enablers and infrastructure. Many of these new technologies are exposed to material challenges and require materials and constructions that need to be lighter, stronger, and withstand higher temperatures and more corrosive atmospheres - our exact core competence. We are committed to using engineering and innovation to help industries and new technologies advance. With leading materials technology, we make our customers’ processes more productive, sustainable, and energy-efficient. We are proud to drive sustainability in our operations and through our product offerings.

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Our program includes a variety of products used for generating power with renewable energy. Read about some of the generating methods below and let us help you find the optimum tubular products for your application.

Our products for Renewable energy