Creative ideas + game-changing materials

Q: What makes material innovations happen?
A: When people throughout the value chain come together to solve a sticky problem.

Our materials experts thrive in this setting

For more than 150 years we have worked closely with our customers to develop many products and applications which have ultimately proved to be game changers in their respective industry. To highlight our way of working we have produced a series of short films where a Sandvik R&D engineer is put to the test, in more ways than one...

Challenging tomas

A series of three short films illustrating the way our researchers work with the challenges we face - and the results we're capable of achieving! Close ties to our customers and an open dialogue are decisive factors at every stage of the process. What is your materials challenge?


Film 1 in the series sees senior researcher Tomas Forsman receiving a challenge from Judith Tibblin, an 11-year-old track and field enthusiast looking for a technical innovation.

Advanced solutions

In film 2 Tomas attempts to explain to 11-year-old Judith the innovations behind a few of the game changing products developed by Sandvik. With varying success!

Javelin Theory

Tomas also got to thinking about other improvement possibilities for sports. In the third film, Tomas has a go at developing an application dating back to 700 BC: the javelin.

Meet research engineer Tomas Forsman

While process and product development are the nuts and bolts of the job – it’s the research part that truly brings a sparkle to the eyes of engineer Tomas Forsman.

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Eleven years old, with a passion to win

Judith Tibblin's competitive spirit is matched with an intense curiosity about the world around her. And she loves a challenge!

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Fuel cells

What if the only emission from cars was clean water? With fuel cell technology, that’s not a dream, it’s a reality.


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Strip steel

Sandvik's precision strip steel production goes way back. Read more about the products in our portfolio.

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