Our sustainability efforts

From cars to mobile phones to heating our homes, fuel cells give us clean ways to power our everyday lives. That combination of innovation and sustainability is a perfect fit with Sandvik's mission:

We apply our unique expertise in materials technology to make industrial processes safer and more efficient, yielding greater output while consuming less resources.

For Sandvik, sustainable business means we will reduce the negative economic, social and environmental impact of our activities, while taking advantage of the opportunities that arise as a result of having sustainability aspects integrated into our core business.

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Partnering with Sandviken Municipality for the fuel cell pilot project

The background to the cooperation with the Municipality of Sandviken for the pilot project is that fuel cell technology is linked to community-building responsibilities. The more people that use the technology, the greater the positive impact will be on the environment. But for this technology to be usable in our everyday lives requires that the infrastructure for hydrogen stations be built. For this to happen, we need to stimulate more interest in the technology. In the interdependence that exists between Sandvik and Sandviken, our partnership was clear.

Both Sandvik and Sandviken Municipality are working for a sustainable society. Sandviken aims to have 70% "green" cars by 2017 and has, through the introduction of a local distribution center, already increased road safety and reduced environmental impact. We at Sandvik strive to use our materials technology to make industrial processes safer and more energy efficient.