World-class metallurgists. Wooden ship experts. International maritime heroes.

What happens when you combine the restoration expertise of the world famous Vasa Museum with the deep knowledge and skill of Sandvik metallurgists? You get the ultimate team for preserving a national wooden treasure for many generations to come. Meet members of the Sandvik team involved in this long-term R&D cooperation.

Sören Johnsson

Sören Johnsson is product manager at Sandvik Materials Technology in Sweden. Sören handles daily contacts with the Vasa Museum and is responsible for the delivery of bolt material.

Our goal is to create relationships based on trust and mutual collaboration that result in long-lasting value.

Björn Larsson

Björn Larsson is the sales manager for tubular products in Sweden at Sandvik Materials Technology. Björn initiated the project at Sandvik and helped form the Sandvik project group.

We consistently deliver material of the highest quality, supported by world-class technological expertise and service.

Jan Haraldsson

Jan Haraldsson is the manager for the machining laboratory at Sandvik's R&D center. Jan has been deeply involved in the design and production planning of Vasa's new stainless steel bolts.

This is easily the most exciting project I've been involved in as an engineer.