Can a tube supplier improve the operating efficiency of your plant?

Following technical advice from Sandvik, a Chinese chemical producer is able to run its new plant with high productivity and a minimum of maintenance costs.

The challenge

A chemical producer in China began the construction of a new plant scheduled for operation in mid-2012. The choice of tube material for the CO2 absorber overhead gas cooler was important, due to the high gas pressure and high chloride content of the cooling water being used. Since the gas cooler is critical for the entire production process, the customer needed reliable operation and long service life.

The Sandvik solution

In order to minimize material costs in the gas cooler, the fabricator of the equipment recommended standard stainless steel grades like ASTM TP316L or duplex grade SAF 2205. After consultation and technical discussions with local Sandvik material experts, the fabricator and end-user agreed to upgrade to SAF 2507 super-duplex steel. The main reason was that the chloride content in the cooling water of up to 600 ppm could rapidly shorten the life of lower alloyed duplex materials. SAF 2507 is more corrosion resistant and thereby more reliable, resulting in fewer shutdowns. Another advantage was that Sandvik could offer shorter delivery times by producing the tubes at its plant in Zhenjiang, China.

The result

Sandvik's long experience of offering the right material for each respective application, and the support of its world-leading R&D department, was decisive in enabling the fabricator to optimize the cost-effectiveness of the CO2 absorber overhead gas cooler. Says the Chief Engineer of the engineering company SSEC:

Sandvik has impressed us with its high quality products and professional service. We are always looking for suppliers who can offer the right solution and that are easy to deal with. At Sandvik's plant in Zhenjiang, I think we have found both.