Slickline grade selection guide

The Sandvik slickline grade selection guide is an online tool designed to help you quickly find the most suitable slickline grade for your particular well, whether sour or sweet.

Simply insert the following:

  • Bottom hole temperature (°F or °C)
  • Bottom hole pressure (choose any unit of pressure)
  • Concentration of H2S (% or ppm, if applicable)
  • Concentration of chlorides (% or ppm, if applicable)

If there are no H2S or chlorides in the well, these parts can be left empty. Click on "Run test" and the guide will tell you which Sandvik grade is best suited for the environment indicated, from a corrosion aspect.

Tensile strength for both the recommended grade and all other suitable grades will also be shown. Choose a slickline dimension to see the breaking loads available. If the result shown is "borderline", please contact your local Sandvik representative for advice.


Select the right grade for your well with our Grade Selection tool.

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