Next generation Duplex Grades and Standards for Solid Bar

As technology evolves and applications become more advanced, the materials we use come under increased pressure to perform better. If you are looking to upgrade your material components without the hassle of additional testing requirements to certify the material for aggressive condition, join us for this webinar.

We will discuss ways to get the best results by choosing the cleanest materials for your highly demanding applications as well as the latest grades of stainless steel available that focuses on meeting current and future end-user specifications.


Join us to learn more about:

  • SAF 2205+, the new generation duplex- high-lights
  • Information about the new industry standards, IOGP S-563, and ISO 17781
  • SAF 2205+ - designed to meet the standards and beyond


Marcus Hillbom, Manager Technical Marketing
Vinicius Martins, Sales Manager Latin America & Managing Director SMT Mexico

Date and time

Recorded November 17, Presented by Sales Region Americas