Exciting Alternative to Overlaying Welded Tubes in Waste to Energy Boilers


The process conditions in waste incineration boilers require material properties that cannot be met only by one tube grade. Composite or overlay welded tubes are chosen for this challenge and are commonly used in areas with the harshest corrosion conditions.

This webinar will give an overview of composite tubes and compares composite tubes with the weld cladding solution. Furthermore, the webinar illustrates and discusses composite tube installations in waste incineration boilers.


Join us to learn more about:

  • Composite Tube Basics
  • Composite Tubes vs. Overlay Welded Tubes
  • Installation Examples: Waste Incineration / Recycled Demolition Wood


Angela Philipp, Technical Marketing Specialist EMEA
Felipe Beluche Sales & Application Engineer

Date and time

Live webinar October 6, Presented by Sales Region Americas and EMEA