Improve energy efficiency with the right recuperator tubes


Many energy-intensive industries, including metal, petrochemical, carbon black, glass, and even food processing, involve environments where the temperature ranges from 932°F (500°C) to 2012°F (1,100°C). Depending on process constraints, the selection of material for high-temperature applications is often a compromise between demands on mechanical strength, structure stability, and corrosion resistance.

Choosing the precise material grade for your application can deliver extended product service life while optimizing performance and reliability. The selection can also lead to reducing operational and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the equipment. Material selection for demanding high-temperature recuperator applications can be daunting, but it does not have to be. Let us help you find your optimal solution.


Join us to learn more about:

  • Integrated Steel mills
  • High-temperature corrosion challenges
  • Extending the life of your recuperator performance


Alessandra Spaghetti, Product Manager High Temperature tubing, EMEA
Felipe Beluche Lima, Sales & Applications Engineer for Tube Americas

Date and time

1-hour live webinar, recorded July 7, 2021, by Sales Region Americas and EMEA