Material Selection for Steam Methane Reformers’ Hydrogen Pigtails


Hydrogen pigtails are the weakest points for failure in Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) plant. Join us to learn about the history, best practices and key specifications and production requirements for properly sourcing this key component with peace of mind.


During this webinar we will discuss:

  • SMR service conditions and failure mechanisms
  • Historic overview of materials used for SMR hydrogen pigtails
  • Importance of grain size distribution in mechanical and corrosion properties of the materials used for SMR pigtails
  • Recommendations about standard requirements to properly source materials for this application


Karen Picker, Technical Marketing Engineer, Americas
Georgios Vassiliadis, Sales Engineer EMEA
Vikram Pandit, Business Development Manager, APAC
Alessandra Spaghetti, Product Manager High Temperature tubing, EMEA

Date and time

1-hour live webinar, recorded May 18, Sales Region Americas, APAC and EMEA