Extend Possibilities with Nickel Based Alloys

Are you looking to achieve net shape a lot faster? During this webinar, we will discuss our first-ever nickel-iron-chrome alloy in both bar and hollow bar for tough acidic and seawater conditions. With a minimum 40% nickel content, Sanicro® 825 offers a cost-efficient alternative to superalloys like 625 and 718, with far better corrosion resistance than 316L or 904L.

Most importantly for component manufacture, using the hollow bar instead of solid bar could cut machining costs by at least 50%. This is thanks to the reduced need for drilling, boring and other fabrication steps.


Join us to learn more about:

  • Sanicro® 825 – high-lights and applications
  • Advantages of using hollow bar, to reduce machining and tooling cost


Marcus Hillbom, Manager Technical Marketing
Magnus Brink, Technical Marketing Specialist
Vinicius Martins, Sales Manager Latin America & Managing Director SMT Mexico

Date and time

January 19
4 PM Central European Time
Presented by Sales Region Americas